Chilled Iron Shot-Blasting Services

Chilled Iron Shot-Blasting Services in Derby, Nottingham, Chesterfield and Sheffield

Chilled iron shot-blasting is the perfect process to clean all types of metal. Shot blasting will remove paint adhesive, plastic/rubber insets, grease and rust, leaving the component ready to be restored as required. The most common uses of chilled iron shot blasting applications are car restoration and repair, garden furniture, steel window frames and any other metal component that has suffered the ravages of time.

Shot Blasting Case Study – Car Restoration

A customer from Nottingham brought in the chassis of a 1965 Corvette Stingray for shot-blasting. The chassis was very badly corroded and in need of extensive repair. NiTEC was able to sympathetically remove all the remaining paint and the corrosion through shot-blasting. The customer has now rebuilt the car into the stunning example pictured on the left.

Our chilled iron shot-blasting facilities

At NiTEC we pride ourselves on using the most technically advanced equipment to achieve the highest quality finish on all our projects.

Our chilled iron shot-blasting facilities include: 

• The ability to shot blast components up to 20 tonnes in weight.
• It is also possible to blast with Aluminium Oxide 180-220 grit to produce the finest surface finish if required.

• The capacity to shot-blast up to a 216m³ components.
• A 316 stainless steel booth which minimises the levels of particles which settle on the work.

If you have a current resortation or repair project you would like assistance with, or would like to enquire about our services please visit our website