Electroless Nickel Plating a Large Manifold for the Mining Industry

NiTEC are a UK based company providing worldwide metal plating services and specialising in electroless nickel plating.

We were approached by Joy Mining Macinery to manufacture a component, a piece of pipework that needed plating to prevent it from corrosion and wear. Joy Mining Machinery is a global leader in the development, manufacture, distribution and service of underground mining machinery for the extraction of coal and other bedded materials. Therefore, NiTEC’s high standards of quality electroless nickel plating and fast turn-around times were vital to the success of the project.

The component itself was approximately 1.5m square, by 1m deep. It appeared to be a solid block of steel, with two small holes in opposing corners on one face. The block also contained an intricate network of pipes, which would be used to carry water as a coolant. Joy Mining needed this pipework plating to ensure corrosion prevention, which the process of electroless nickel plating can provide to the highest standards.

To plate the component, flexible pipes were connected to the holes in the block. The electroless nickel plating solution was then pumped from a holding tank through the block, and back to the holding tank, on a continuous basis.

As electroless nickel has to be at 90°C to operate, the block was immersed in a tank of cleaning solution, maintained at 70-80°C to prevent heat loss and flash rusting of the exterior of the block. The plating solution was analysed and maintained throughout the process and any necessary additions were subsequently made to the holding tank.

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