Electroless Nickel Plating Experts Increase Component Life in Subsea Conditions

Electroless nickel plating specialists NiTEC work closely with their customers and suppliers, and have developed a number of different types of treatments and techniques in metal plating services.

NiTEC enable metal finishes and metal coatings to be applied to a wide range of component types and environments, ranging from the desert to arctic conditions, to the middle of the ocean, above and beneath the waves.

NiTEC have recently developed SEATEC 100 which can sustain harsh marine conditions for thousands of hours. This level of performance is unprecedented within this industry.





SeaTEC 100 is a cost-effective answer to extending the life of mild-steel operating in a marine environment.

SeaTEC 100 protects mild steel from salt spray corrosion for many hours. Developed and tested by our specialist team, this product is a new and exciting innovation within the engineering industry, and is ideal for use in sub-sea conditions.

Features of SeaTEC 100

– Increases the strength of items such as pipeline connectors -when the material is at it’s weakest level.
– Tested to withstand salt spray conditions for over 25,000 hours.

Plates metal components, valves and connectors that will be used in a marine environment.

– Available in a variety of colours.

Benefits of SeaTEC 100

– Extends the life of materials such as mild steel.
– Downtime as a result of corroded parts is reduced or avoided altogether.
– The costs of repairing, replacing or maintaining parts is reduced.
– An ideal plating for oil rigs and pipes used to transport oil and gas.

If you would like further information about nickel plating, plating services or metal finishes, visit http://www.electroless-nickel-plating.co.uk