What is Diffused Nickel Plating?

NiTEC’s diffused nickel plating process is the highest standard for corrosion resistance via the plating process.

This method of nickel plating is so resistant to corrosion that it is suitable for marine environments. Mild steel plated using the diffused nickel plating process can be given a 30 year sub-sea guarantee.

Diffused nickel plating has been used extensively in the end-fittings for flexible pipe lines and top-side equipment.

Benefits of diffused nickel plating

Huge cost-saving implications.

Greatly enhanced performance when compared to even the highest grade stainless steels.

Simple plating process.

Independent salt spray testing was abandoned after 2000 hours because no corrosion could be detected.

NiTEC also specialise in electroless nickel plating technology, the process of copper plating, as well as shotblasting and heat treatment.