Shotblasting and Heat Treatment

To ensure the very best quality nickel plating, it’s very important that the surface is prepared properly. The best way to do this is through shotblasting and heat treatment solutions.

As nickel plating specialists, NiTEC have the capacity to shotblast components up to 20 tonnes in weight. To ensure a high standard of surface finish, we use Aluminium Oxide 180-220 grit for the heat treatment process. As well as this, we also offer chemical cleaning and activation processes.

The shot blast booth used for shotblasting and heat treatment has a capacity of 216m3 and is made from 316 stainless steel. These features help to minimise the levels of particles which settle on the work.

NiTEC’s heat treatment facility

The furnace in our heat treatment facility has a temperature range of 0-700 °C. NiTEC has two furnaces, furnace 1 is 1.5m x 1.5m x 2m high, and furnace 2 is 1.7m x 1.7m x 2.2m high.

Shotblasting solutions

We can create heat treatment profiles for many different requirements with our chart recording equipment that monitors the temperature changes of the furnace and the work. This means that we can be sure that the material gets up to the required temperature for exactly the right amount of time. Therefore, we eliminate the possibility of heat sinks on large components or mixed loads.

Heat treatment solutions

Heat treatment solutions can be used for stress relieving and de-embrittlement as pre-plate and post-plate treatments. Small components can be loaded onto shelves to maximise the heat treatment capacity, and minimise the cost of the treatment for the company.

NiTEC are also able to diffuse the electroless nickel layer into the steel using high temperature heat treatment solutions for sustained periods. This process doesn’t affect the increased corrosion protection that this type of deposit offers, making it ideal for the offshore oil industry and perfect for marine environments. It also has the benefit of giving the coating a degree of flexibility.

We do also offer electroless nickel plating as an option, the process of diffused nickel plating and bright copper plating.


Benefits of Electroless Nickel Plating: Uniform Coating

The deposit formed by Electroless nickel plating is based on a chemical reaction. Therefore, the deposit collects in equal thickness over all the part, regardless of its shape.  

The alternative, electrolytic plating, relies on an electrical current passing from an anode to the component, the cathode, which is then subject to changes in current density, applicable to its shape. These variations in current density result in variations in deposit thickness.

Therefore, the metal surface finishing process of electroless nickel plating is a more suitable choice for engineering components as it provides the surface with a uniform coating.

Benefits of a uniform coating 

As the components are not deformed by the plating process, the uniformity of the coating obtained by the nickel plating makes the process ideal for engineering components.

Electroless nickel deposits are excellent for corrosion prevention. With regard to the corrosion protection mechanism, the nickel deposit exhibits electro-negative or ‘noble’ behaviour. Therefore, the nickel plating process relies on total encapsulation of the substrate to be effective.

The uniform coating of the nickel plating means that the surface is very hard wearing, resistant to corrosion and durable in a variety of environments. Due to the nature of the chemical reaction, the deposit that forms is an alloy of nickel and phosphorus.

NiTEC are also specialists in diffused nickel plating technology, the copper plating process and the process of shotblasting & heat treatment.

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Benefits of the Electroless Nickel Plating Process

There are many benefits to choosing the electroless nickel plating process.

Corrosion resistance

Electroless nickel plating extends the life of everything it coats.  The life of any metal exposed to harsh environments can be extended using electroless nickel plating, therefore reducing the cost of repair and replacement parts.

Uniform coating

Electroless nickel plating  has a completely uniform coating. It’s a perfect solution for critical high-end engineering items including defence, healthcare, automotive and aerospace.


Specialist electroless nickel plating is much cheaper than you would imagine. NiTEC have 5 dedicated nickel plating lines and can offer reasonable quotations.

Wear resistance 

With the appropriate heat treatment, electroless nickel plating can be hardened up to 950vhn. This makes it ideal for areas exposed to friction and wear.

We are specialists in many industry sectors

As well a electroless nickel plating, we also specialise in diffused nickel plating finishes, copper plating as a process, shotblasting and heat treatment.

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