Electroless Nickel Plating ‘The Spaceman’ by David Mach

When NiTEC was approached by Scottish sculptor and installation artist  David Mach  to nickel plate a spaceman made of coat hangers, they had to rise to the challenge!

David Mach's electroless nickel plated Spaceman

David Mach's electroless nickel plated Spaceman

Mach had bent, twisted and welded together a number of coat hangers to form his sculpture titled The Spaceman. Although the hangers were already zinc coated, the welding process had removed some of the coating. Therefore, electroless nickel plating was the obvious choice to ensure the durability of the sculpture and ensure corrosion resistance. Electroless nickel plating was also the perfect way to get into all the tiny, hard to reach areas between the coathangers.

The sculpture itself came in 3 parts, with an internal support structure. NiTEC are used to handling very large engineering components and are equipped with a huge, oversized tank, perfect for electroless nickel plating a sculpture of this size.

The internal supports were used for jigging purposes, which meant that the fragile exterior of the structure did not have to be handled. After the electroless nickel plating process, a thin lacquer was applied and baked on in the furnace, to maintain the appearance of the electroless nickel coating while the statue was on show.

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